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Sivasagar, the land of heritage, culture, temples, palaces and sacred tanks of the Ahom era coupled with exquisite natural beauty was the birth place and the capital of Ahom Kingdom in India for about six centuries, from where the state of Assam derives its name. In here dwells the true soul of Assam. The Sivasagar Tourism Circuit encompasses visits to DOLS (Ahom Era Temples), SAGARS (Sacred tanks spanning acres near the DOLS), DARGAH (mosque), KARENG GHAR(Royal Palace), RANG GHAR (Amphitheatre in lines with the Roman Colloseum) etc. in addition to sites of scintillating natural beauty where we host our feathered ALOHIS(migratory birds) every year. The Tourism Circuit also provides a chance to experience the soul of Assam in its true form by way of Home Stays(Axomiya house, Mishing house, Naga House, Weaver,s Village etc), Tea Tourism, Ethnic Food Festival, Display of Indigenous Art forms, Indigenous games and sports and even trying a hand at the indigenous costumes.

Mission and Objectives:

  •  Promotion of tourism coupled with ecological and archaeological conservation.

  • Employment generation for local youth and entrepreneurs
    Conservation of historical monuments

  • Religious tourism including Ahom era temples (Dols) and sacred Tanks

  • Conservation of Ecology and Environment (Bird Sanctuary, Migratory Birds)

  • Promoting Nature Tourism

  • Promoting Ethnic Tourism (Sivasagar is a melting pot of various ethnic groups like Assamese, Naga, Manipuri and other related ethnic groups)

  • Placing Sivasagar in the Tourism map of India for both Indian & foreign tourist.

  • Kindling the spirit of Swachh Bharat Mission in tandem with tourism.






The Royal City

 Create memories of a lifetime in one of the most heritage cities in the world - SIVASAGAR.    Relax on gorgeous white sand river beaches of Bramhaputra and Disang Mukh, explore a cultural hub of art and entertainment,

or check out  the many famous landmarks around the city.  

Maha Shivratri

February  21-23, 2020

Be where the Adiyogi Mahayogi SHIVA is. Witness millions of devotees  from around the World join in to the MAHA SHIVRATRI in the heart of Sivasagar, the  Shiva Doul.  

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